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Family Realities:
Family Diversity

Hotel Sireno Torremolinos

Saturday september 23

from 10:00 to 14:00
from 16:00 to 20:00

sunday september 24

from 10:00 to 14:00

10 for the 2-day workshop

imagen producto diversidad familiar donde se ve una familia de dos madres con su hijo

The family model has undergone changes throughout history. Beyond the differences typical of different societies, traditions and values, the family structure has remained constituting a fundamental base in the processes of emotional, affective and relational construction of people.
The socialization process has two fundamental axes: Identity and Belonging. Both are closely linked to the learning and experiences lived in our childhood and within the family.

In recent times, as in many other fields, we are witnessing a vertiginous acceleration of changes, visions and formulations of the family fact. It is very difficult nowadays to talk about family, since we are witnessing the diversification of family structures and therefore it seems more appropriate to speak of “families”. This, which for some supposes a chaotic perception in which “anything goes”, for others supposes the possibility of being able to conceive the family fact as a diverse, adaptable reality and where what is really essential is not the rigidity of the structure, but the possibility of that people develop in affective and welcoming environments that allow the development of their capacities.

Our goal in this workshop is not conceptual definition. It is to analyze different family realities and consider the obstacles they present and the possibilities they offer for the growth of its members.

Family Realities:
Family Diversity

September 23 and 24 | TORREMOLINOS

Francisco Herrera
Francisco Herrera Garrido Gestalt psychotherapist

Gestalt psychotherapist. Full Member, Teacher and Supervisor of the AETG (Spanish Association of Gestalt Therapy) and Teacher and Supervisor Member of FEAP (Spanish Federation of Associations of Psychotherapists).

Trained in different approaches to humanistic psychotherapy:
Training in Integrative Psychology and SAT with Claudio Naranjo, Bioenergetics at the John C. Pierrakos school and Person-Centered Psychotherapy with J Lafarga.

Training in Family Constellations with Bert Hellinger (2000-2010) and later with different facilitators (Marie Sophie Hellinger, Tiiu Bolzmann, Jutta Ten Herkel, Sobonfu Somé, Peter Bourquin, Joan Garriga, Miguel Ángel Schiav…)

Encounters conceived as a therapeutic group that allows participants to delve into their own knowledge and personal growth, while beginning experiential work and going deeper into the personal therapeutic process.

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