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Family Constellations

Taller de Constelaciones familiares



Following the light that Family Constellations provide us, we will focus on the place we occupy in our family system, that place, which is our birthright. How do we live it? Does it expand us? Or does it burden us with duties that we assume out of blind loyalty? We will work in this workshop to find out.

We will make contact with our internal images about the links we establish, mainly in our family of origin. We will review the implications that take us out of our place and limit us to take our own lives.

Occupying and accepting our rightful place allows us to nurture what is available to us, connect with our own inner strength and broaden our horizon. That place, in essence, is FREEDOM.

Antonia del Castillo

Antonia del Castillo
Co-Founder of La Montera

Coordinates the activities and programming of this Classroom.
Graduated in Biology, and secondary school teacher for 31 years. Trained in Gestalt Therapy. Adherent member of the Spanish Association of Gestalt Therapy. Disciple and collaborator of Claudio Naranjo in the SAT program. Master in Systemic Pedagogy from the Institut Gestalt of Barcelona and the CUDEC of Mexico. Director and teacher of the training in Family Constellations and Systemic Pedagogy of La Montera. Formada en Constelaciones Familiares con Bert Hellinger. Teaching Member of the AECFS. Diploma in Constellations Familiales Et Systémiques from the Universite Europeenne Jean Monnet A.I.S.B.L. Teacher in the Master of Family Mediation at the University of Seville.

He advises different teacher centers, and teaches courses in Spain, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico.

Encounters conceived as a therapeutic group that allows participants to delve into their own knowledge and personal growth, while beginning experiential work and going deeper into the personal therapeutic process.

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